Custom Design Jewelry

Custom Design Jewelry

At Zoland, we have been creating custom designed jewelry for over 80 years. Using the industry's top craftspeople, including designers, model makers, jewelers, setters, and manufacturers, we build beautiful one of a kind jewelry.  Whether you have the exact design in your head, or you want us to craft your vision, our experts will help you create your most cherished pieces.

Appointments are recommended, so please call us at (212) 575-8875 or email us at info@zolands.com.

Whether you want to build a new piece of jewelry or re-envision an old piece, Zoland will work with you step-by-step to create exactly what you want.



The Custom Design Process

CAD Design
CAD Design

1. Meet with a design professional at Zoland to discuss your vision  or create one together, and choose the diamond(s) or precious  stone(s) you wish to feature in your design.

 2. Zoland will work with our CAD (Computer-Aided Design)  designer to create a digital image complete with dimensions.

 3. Once the CAD design is approved, an actual size 3-D model    will be printed.

4. Once the model is approved, a mold will be created and the  metal mounting will be cast.


5. The precious metal mounting will then be cleaned and pre-polished.

6. When the metal mounting is complete, Zoland will set your diamonds (or other precious stones).

7. Once the diamonds or stones are set, your piece will be polished.

8. After polishing, you will receive your beautiful, one-of-a-kind jewelry! 



1. Should I bring a picture of a piece to show you?

If you have an image, yes! Even if the picture is not exactly how you want your finished piece to look, it is helpful in explaining what you would like to achieve for your design.

2. How long does it take to manufacture a custom design piece?

It depends upon the complexity of the design and type of jewelry. A custom engagement ring might only take a couple weeks, while a more complicated bracelet may take over a month to design and construct. Once we create a design plan, we can provide you with an approximate timeline.

3. Do you manufacture jewelry yourself?

Yes. Zoland is involved in every step of the manufacturing process. We use the best designers, model makers, jewelers, setters, and manufacturers in the diamond district. Many of them reside in our building, allowing us to maintain constant communication and control.

4. Is custom jewelry more expensive than stock items?

Not necessarily. As a wholesaler, Zoland is able to offer highly competitive pricing on custom jewelry.



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